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Lynda's Teddies - Miniature collectible teddy bears by artist Lynda Kunz Keyes.
Lynda's mini bears have big smiles.
Add a teddy bear to your dollhouse or place one in your dolls arms.

Take a friend with you anywhere!

For over 5 years Lynda searched for a way to take her miniatures with her without attaching a pin back or necklace to them.  She developed pouch pals as a way to wear her mini creations and now Cottage Collectibles by Ganz brings Pouch Pals to you.

Pouch pal necklaces and pins contain a perfect little jointed Teddy, Puppy, Kitten or Bunny which can be removed from their pouch.

Click on any of the photos below for a larger picture.

gp17.JPG (126750 bytes)
Fay, Denise, Emma

gp19.JPG (161574 bytes)
Gail, Hsing Hsing, Irene, Jackie

gp16.JPG (122430 bytes)
Annabelle, Cathy, Barbara

gp18.jpg (64171 bytes)
Karen, Loren

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