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Lynda's Teddies - Miniature collectible teddy bears by artist Lynda Kunz Keyes.
Lynda's mini bears have big smiles.
Add a teddy bear to your dollhouse or place one in your dolls arms.

Click on any of the photos for a larger picture.

gp12.JPG (147696 bytes)
Martha & Marvin

gp14.JPG (71124 bytes)
Kyla & Kyle

gp13.JPG (74038 bytes)
Colin & Connie

gp10_11.JPG (77671 bytes)
Old Ted & Puzzle

gp21.JPG (70880 bytes)
Jonathan & Ronald

gp08.JPG (52559 bytes)
Mandy & Penny

gp06.JPG (53246 bytes)
Mickey & Elmer

gp05.JPG (65350 bytes)
Nancy & Nathan

gp09.JPG (74935 bytes)
Miss Moo & Penelope


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